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Automating tech recruitment.

The world's first recruiterless recruitment platform for developers.

Traditional Approach

  • Inaccurate
  • Meanginless buzzwords
  • No transparency
old approach

The Autocruit Approach

  • Powerful matching algorithm
  • Job video directly from CTO
  • Complete transparency
candidate profile

Companies currently hiring include


Accurate job matching

Autocruit’s accurate and precise matching algorithm ensures that you are only matched with jobs that fit your experience, requirements and interests.

Unrivaled transparency

For each job that you are matched with, you are provided with a full 360 degree view of the company and the job in question. This includes a video of the tech hiring manager giving an overview of the job and their company, resulting in the ability for you to make a much more informed decision on whether you want to apply for the job.

Time saving efficiency and flexibility

You only have to provide and explain your job experience, requirements and interests once via the platform and you can apply for a job whenever and wherever you decide.

Direct communication with companies

Communicate directly with companies through Autocruit’s messaging centre after you apply for roles to discuss interview times etc. All subsequent communication will take place directly between you and the company, which ensures that the hiring process is quick and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my current employer see my profile when they are looking to hire?

No, your profile is never matched with any jobs that your current or most recent employer has live on the platform.

How much does it cost for candidates to use the platform?

Nothing, it’s free!

Will I get contacted by recruiters?

No. Autocruit is a recruiter-free platform. Only companies whose jobs you have applied for can view your profile and contact you.

Will I have to speak to any talent managers or representatives from Autocruit when I sign up?

No. Everything is done completely through the platform, the only people you communicate with are companies who you are interested in joining!

How often am I matched with new jobs?

You are matched with new jobs on a daily basis.

Is my profile public?

No, your profile can only be viewed by companies whose roles you apply for.

Can a company see if I have been matched with their job?

No, a company can only see your profile if you decide to apply for the job.

In which cities are the jobs on Autocruit located?

We don’t hire any recruiters so by default Autocruit is a true global platform. If you find that the city you are based in is not on Autocruit, just email feedback@autocruit.io with your location and we will add it!

What types of developer jobs are available on Autocruit?

Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Fullstack Developers, Mobile Developers, Data Scientists, Quants and Site Reliability Engineers.