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Automating tech recruitment.

The world's first recruiterless recruitment platform for companies.

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Introducing the Autocruit Funnel, the new solution to tech recruitment that results in much more accurate, faster and cost-effective hires.

Traditional Approach

  • Manual
  • No filter
  • Expensive

The Autocruit Approach

  • Automated
  • Filtered (Matching + Screening)
  • Fair linear pricing model
Matching engine CodeScreen Video screening F2F interview Hired

Matching Engine

Autocruit's powerful and accurate matching algorithm matches jobs and candidates which have the same skillset requirements and interests. The matching algorithm has industry knowledge built in which results in much more accurate matches.

Coding Test Screening

Complete integration with the CodeScreen framework allows you to automate the inital screening of candidates.

Video Screening

Filter candidates further by setting customised technical and culture fit style questions that candidates answer via one-way video as part of the application for your role.

F2F Interviews

Bring in qualified and interested candidates for face to face interview. Candidates who progress to this stage have been filtered by the Autocruit Funnel so you know they have the right skillset to perform the role and are interested in the role.


We leave the judgement call in the hands of the company on which candidates gets hired. Using the Autocruit Funnel allows you to make much more accurate and faster decisions on who gets hired.

Companies currently hiring include

What our customers say

customer photo

Autocruit has really changed the way we view our hiring process. Their automated screening features allows us to significantly speed up the filtering of applicants for our roles!

Brian Weller Head of Development at OpenGamma


Unrivaled sourcing

The video and audio features of the job upload process makes jobs on Autocruit so much more engaging and attractive for candidates, thus resulting in far more high quality candidates who apply to your job.

Accurate job matching

Autocruit’s accurate and precise matching algorithm ensures that all candidates that have applied to your job have met your job requirements.

Time saving efficiency and flexibility

You only have to provide and explain your company details, job description and requirements once via the platform and you can review the profiles and job applications of all candidates who have applied for the job whenever and wherever you decide.

Powerful screening

The coding test and video questions features of the job application process enables you to efficiently and accurately screen candidates before inviting them to face to face interviews.

Direct communication with candidates

Communicate directly with all shortlisted candidates through Autocruit’s messaging centre to arrange next stage interviews. All subsequent communication will take place directly between you and the candidate, which ensures that the hiring process is quick and efficient.

Cost savings

Autocruit’s pricing model is very simple and completely linear, $99 per month per active job on the platform with a $1000 fee per hire. Each job also has an unlimited number of applicants. We believe that this pricing is far better value and much fairer than the traditional 15% - 35% commission fee of the agreed salary charged by recruiters for each candidate you hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have communication with any talent managers or representatives from Autocruit when I register?

No. Everything is done completely through the platform, you only communicate directly with candidates that you are interested in hiring!

Do I have to speak to a member of the sales team when registering?

No, the pricing is the same for everyone. $99 per month per active job on the platform. This results in a simple quick and cost efficient set up which allows you to get hiring candidates to your jobs quicker.

How much does it cost for companies to use the platform?

All jobs are free for 14 days. It is then $99 per month per active job on the platform, with a $1,000 fee for each hire (regardless of salary!). There is also no limit to the amount of applicants you can have for a role.

You can deactivate a job at any time.

We feel this is a much fairer pricing model than the traditional 15 - 35% commission fee of the agreed salary charged by recruiters for each candidate you hire.

What types of developer jobs can you hire for on Autocruit?

Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Fullstack Developers, Mobile Developers, Data Scientists, Quants and Site Reliability Engineers.

In which cities are the candidates on Autocruit located?

We don’t hire any recruiters so by default Autocruit is a true global platform. If you find that the city you are based in is not on Autocruit, just email feedback@autocruit.io with your location and we will add it!

Are my jobs public?

No, your jobs can only be viewed by candidates who are matched with your jobs.

What are the differences between a draft, open, closed, active and deactivated job?

A draft job is a job that you have created but not yet published. These do not cost anything.

An open job is a job that you have published and is open for applicants. Each open job costs $99 per month.

A closed job is a job that you have closed to new applicants. You are still able to view the profiles and applications of, and communicate with, all current applicants for the job. Each closed job costs $99 per month.

An active job is a job that is either open or closed.

A deactivated job is a job that is closed to new applicants. Unlike a closed job, you will be unable to view the profiles and applications of, nor communicate with, any applicants for a deactivated job. These do not cost anything and can be reopened at any time.

What form of payments to you support?

We accept payment by all major credit and debit cards.